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Dr. David P. Warchal

Warchal Chiropractic is committed to you and your health. Dr. Warchal is well trained in many areas of general practice, personal injury due to automobile accidents, sports injuries, pediatrics, geriatrics, health maintenance and disease prevention. Dr. Warchal understands the benefits of working with other health care professionals. He has a history of strong relationships with medical neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and pediatricians along with family and internal medicine practices.

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. Growing up in Utica, New York, I played a variety of sports including basketball, baseball, football and golf. It was in high school when I first realized chiropractic could change people’s lives when it gave me back the ability to do the things I loved. As a freshman in high school, my first year playing football I suffered from debilitating back pain and complete right leg numbness. My dream of playing football with my friends was quickly fading away. That was until I discovered chiropractic. After receiving chiropractic treatments I was able to get back on to the field which was what made me happy. I then went on to play Football in college at St. John Fisher. Practicing as a doctor I realize that health is not about the presence or absence of pain but helping patients achieve optimum health and the ability to enjoy life. I am proud to serve our community!


St. John Fisher - BS in Biology

New York Chiropractic - Doctor of Chiropractic

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